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Never cry over spilt milk. It could’ve been whiskey.

Pappy Maverick

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Write your first draft with your heart. Re-write with your head.

Finding Forrester

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The circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.


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Don’t wanna leave but we both know sometimes it’s better to go. Somehow I know we’ll meet again. I’m not quite sure where and I don’t know just when. You’re in my heart until then.

The Muppets Take Manhattan

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I confused my feelings with the truth.

When There Was Me and You by High School Musical Lyric

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Hey, you created me. I didn’t create some loser alter ego to make myself feel better. Take some responsibility!


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I can’t get married – I’m a thirty-year-old boy.


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I don’t know my dad. I mean, I know him, but he left when I was like six years old. Married this other woman, had some other kids. He, like, did this every six years; he goes to a new city and starts a new family.


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I felt like putting a bullet between the eyes of every Panda that wouldn’t screw to save its species. I wanted to open the dump valves on oil tankers and smother all the French beaches I’d never see. I wanted to breathe smoke.


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I flipped through catalogs and wondered, what kind of dining set defines me as a person?


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I had it all, even the glass dishes with tiny bubbles and imperfections, proof they were crafted by the honest, simple, hard-working indigenous peoples of… wherever.


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Tyler: You know why they put oxygen masks on planes?

Narrator: So you can breathe.

Tyler: Oxygen gets you high. In a catastrophic emergency, you’re taking giant panicked breaths. Suddenly you become euphoric, docile. You accept your fate. It’s all right here. Emergency water landing – 600 miles an hour. Blank faces, calm as Hindu cows.

Narrator: That’s, um… That’s an interesting theory.

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He was full of pep. Must’ve had his grande-latte enema.


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A condom is the glass slipper for our generation. You slip one on when you meet a stranger. You dance all night, and then you throw it away. The condom, I mean, not the stranger.


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A guy who came to Fight Club for the first time, his ass was a wad of cookie dough. After a few weeks, he was carved out of wood.


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