Conceited Quotes

I’m the girl you will never be and the girl your boyfriend has always wanted.

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I try not to laugh at my own jokes, but we all know I’m hilarious.

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You see me on the stoop, man. These birds just salute me.

40 Bars by Nicki Minaj Lyric

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Confidence is a must, cockiness is a plus.

Radar by Britney Spears Lyric

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I am a deeply superficial person.

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Everybody loves me, and I intend to keep it that way.


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I’m like that drink you can’t put down. I got all the guys coming back for another round.

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You’re gonna eat popcorn in the dark and pay ten bucks to see my life one day.

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You wish you could be me ‘cause the creation of me was like God taking E while puffing a tree. He said, “How can this be? I just created someone who’s almost as great as me.”

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You say I’m not as good as you. Yeah, you’re right; I’m better.

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You can turn off the sun but I’m still gonna shine.

The Remedy by Jason Mraz Lyric

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Without me, it’s just “aweso.”

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When you have an ass like this, you get used to the whistling.

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When I come through, oh d*mn oh brother. It’s like five vodka shots, one after another.

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When he first met me he was in a fuckin daze. I’m like, “Don’t worry, boy. Everyone goes through the phase.”

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