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Drama. Lies. Tears. Three cheers to teenage years!

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I’m sitting here wondering how I could write a quote about heart pounding teenage love when I’ve never experienced it. Well, being a teenager and watching my fair share of romance movies, I know one thing, and that’s that love is magical. Well, at least it is in the movies. It’s when two people come face to face by pure fate and look at each other with no intention of leaving, not for a minute. It usually ends all well and good with a killer knock-your-socks-off kiss with amazing passion. But in real life, love is messy, people fight. And sometimes, despite the magic, they leave. So, love? Well, love is being able to put up with someone for five minutes at a time and liking it enough to come back for more. And if you play your cards right and the chemistry flows, maybe you two will get your happy ending, knock-your-socks-off kiss, too, with lots of passion, of course.

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Have you ever noticed how adults often compare their love to that of two teenagers? That’s because our love is crazy, senseless, and unlimited. It’s the most ridiculously passionate love there is, and once we’ve had it, we’ll spend the rest of our lives searching for a replica of it.

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As teenagers we fall in and out of love constantly all the while knowing we won’t find true love in this stage of our life, yet we push it aside always hoping, praying that the one we’re currently with will be our one true love.

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Adolescence is the time in a girl’s life when she stops believing in fairytales, and starts believing in love.

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Only a teenage boy would agree to this: deceiving both our parents while repairing dangerous vehicles using money meant for my college education.


Bella Swan

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