Someone Else Quotes

I hope that when you looked into her eyes you saw my reflection.

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If I see you with another girl I can only image how I’ll react; one word: crushed and that’s a fact.

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I hate looking at you and watching you stare at her.

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He leads her on and tells her how much he likes her, but then finds another girl and forgets about her.

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It’s such a shame when love is taken by an outside source.

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You wish I was more like her. You don’t accept the fact that I’m me. I wish you could love me for me instead of for what I’m not.

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I would give anything for you to look at me the way you look at her.

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Have you ever really cried for someone more than you wanted to? Have you ever tried to love him in spite of all the pain? Will you keep on loving him even though he’s whispering someone else’s name?

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I act like I don’t care but deep down I’m lying because every time I see you all over her I’m dying.

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I see you there holding her hand. I’m lost in confusion, trying to understand. I loved you so much and what do I get? My broken heart stepped on and my eyes always wet.

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We met. We became best friends. I trusted him. We flirted. I fell for him. He flirted with her. He ruined everything.

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So jealous of the way you look at her.

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I swear she’s wrong for you.

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It hurts so much to hear you talk about her because then I know it’s not me you think about when you’re smiling. It’s not me on your mind when you dream.

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I’m not going to cry and I’m not going to care ’cause every time I did it got me nowhere and so if silence makes you happy and being with her makes you glad then goodbye and I hope she’s the worst you ever had.

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