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I hope that when you looked into her eyes you saw my reflection.

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If I see you with another girl I can only image how I’ll react; one word: crushed and that’s a fact.

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I hate looking at you and watching you stare at her.

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He leads her on and tells her how much he likes her, but then finds another girl and forgets about her.

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It’s such a shame when love is taken by an outside source.

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You wish I was more like her. You don’t accept the fact that I’m me. I wish you could love me for me instead of for what I’m not.

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I would give anything for you to look at me the way you look at her.

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Have you ever really cried for someone more than you wanted to? Have you ever tried to love him in spite of all the pain? Will you keep on loving him even though he’s whispering someone else’s name?

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I act like I don’t care but deep down I’m lying because every time I see you all over her I’m dying.

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You kept me around even though you were out looking for her. You knew it all along and failed to mention it to me. When I found out I was crushed but now I don’t feel anger. Now I feel sorrow for you because no matter who you’re with you’ll always want more. That’s no way to go through life.

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The way I see it – it’s the end of the fourth quarter and I’m down by two. I could shoot a three and go for the win, or get a two and go into overtime, keep fighting. But you know what? I don’t want overtime. I’m tired. This is the hardest game I’ve ever played, and it’s now or never. So I’m going for the three. I’m going for it all, right now. I love you, and the end result is up to you. Say it back and I win. Buzzer goes off. Swish! In goes three. I shoot. The ball bounces off the rim and I lose. I walk off the court, proud of my fight but sick at the same time. And she wins. Game over.

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It’s so hard to talk to him anymore. It’s always about how much he misses her and how he cries at night. I hope I don’t sound like this when I talk to my girlfriends because what he tells me is what I tell them about him.

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And as you’re jumping off that bridge wishing to be dead just remember, baby, you chose to screw her instead.

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Have you ever taken the time to think about what it feels like when she hugs you and kisses you? It probably feels like the greatest thing in the world right about now but I love you more than she ever could and for once, I’m asking you to think about how it could have felt if I hugged you and kissed you. Would it feel great or bad? You never gave me a chance to try to see if I could make that big of an impact.

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And why is it that when I think I’m over you you call my phone and when I see it says, “Restricted Number” I’m surprised because I got your girlfriend calling all the time to remind me that you’re her man now and not mine.

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