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What’s the point of us? I can’t do this anymore. Walking out on this was walking out on you and walking out on you was the best thing that I ever did.

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I could have another you in a minute. Matter of fact, he’ll be here in a minute.

Irreplaceable by Beyoncé Lyric

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I’ve decided you’re not worth it. I won’t shed another tear over you. Why on earth would I cry over someone who could care less about me? That only makes me seem pathetic. And I’m not. I never was.

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I realized that I was holding on to something that didn’t exist anymore. That the person I missed didn’t exist anymore. People change.

Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler

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A part of me will probably always love you too, but I can’t take chances with you. You’ll leave me one day, and it will kill me when you do.

Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

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He dialed her number but it’s too late now. Her voice will never kiss his ears again.

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If this is what you want I’m fine with that but please don’t ever come back. You had your chance.

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Her heart finally realized what her mind knew all along. He’s not worth it.

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So I’m thinking maybe you’re not worth the wait or the heartbreak. I’ve made my decision. I’m on the right track. Hell will freeze over before I take you back.

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Her heart finally told her to stop wasting her time.

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I don’t leave much room in my future for people who left me in their past.

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I don’t really mind if I’m nothing in your eyes. It’s no surprise to me.

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How to get over love: Say goodbye but never say hello again. Forget but never regret. Pick the pieces up but never fix them. Feel the pain but never keep it. Move on.

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I drew hearts all over my paper and for the first time in forever, these beautiful hearts, they weren’t for you.

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There’s a guy out there who’s going to be really happy that you didn’t get back together with your crappy ex-boyfriend.

He’s Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt

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