Revenge Quotes

Someday you’ll call me the one that got away.

Going Under by Georgia Cates

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Never use someone to move on.

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When you said to me, “I love you,” were you crossing your fingers behind your back? Good thing I was doing the same thing.

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When you get lonely just remember – you’re the one who let me go.

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When we were together, you always said you’d die for me. Now that we broke up I think it’s time you kept your promise.

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What if this time, I don’t say hi first? What if this time, I don’t text you back? What if this time, I leave you wondering? What if this time, you’re the one left feeling f*cked over?

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Sometimes I hope we’re still friends when I get married. I hope that I’ll invite you to the wedding and you’ll come. You’ll see me as the happiest girl in the world. You’ll see me with a guy who treats me right and loves me more than himself. You’ll see all that you could have had and you’ll regret letting me go. But the thing I want you to see the most is that I survived without you.

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So I’m selfish and you’re sorry… or, honey, you will be.

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Serves him right for giving up on the best thing he’ll ever get.

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Part of me just wants to find the right words to hurt you the same way you hurt me.

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One day you’ll miss me like hell and you’ll wish that you never f*cked up. Then you’ll come running back to what could have been yours, what should have been yours, but you’ll see that this time around I’m the one that’s not gonna give a f*ck.

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One day I’m gonna make you see and you’re gonna regret the way you treated me. You’ll come crawling back and I’ll be the one to crush you, to finally break you like you broke me.

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Messing up his life isn’t the best revenge. It’s getting on with yours and living it to the fullest that kills him.

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It’ll take time, baby, but wait and see; somebody’s gonna do to you what you did to me.

What You Did To Me by Rockell Lyric

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I’m not gonna fade as soon as you close your eyes, and you know it.

You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette Lyric

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