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I want you to stay with me. And that’s the problem. Every time you leave me, I need you a little bit more.

Lying Season by Karina Halle

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Never use someone to move on.

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Read me like a sign and play with me like a toy as I explain to you why you’re not just some other boy.

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Let’s play truth or dare. Truth, you tell me how you feel. Dare, you prove it.

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You thought you broke my heart; you thought you made me cry. Listen up: not every player is a guy.

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So if you want to be with me you’ll have to follow through with every word you say.

Follow Through by Gavin DeGraw Lyric

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I never asked for your opinion – I just got it and I get it. You move slow like daytime drama and I’m boring like his songs so while I’m taking you for granted we’ll be humming along. Well cross my heart and hope to… I’m lying to keep you here.

Slow Dance on the Inside by Taking Back Sunday Lyric

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I play the game and can’t really say I like it, can’t really say that I hate it, can’t really say that I paid attention. When grey skies turn blue I’ll come back for you. My mind can’t change my heart. There’s nothing I can do.

Grey Skies Turn Blue by MxPx Lyric

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I think you should let me know, because I have never been a good sport at this game that you call “letting go”. I think you should show me that I’m not another number in that cellular phone underneath your bed

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I wanna do exactly what you did to me

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I want the truth from you. Give me the truth even if it hurts me.

The Truth by Good Charlotte Lyric

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I’ll tease you and you’ll drive me crazy ’cause that’s how we work.

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I’m used to your lies. I’m used to your bullshit. I hope you know I’m playing the same game.

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If love is a game it has to be the hardest game in the world. After all, who can win if there are no rules?

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Don’t fall for the guy with those gorgeous eyes until you have learned what lies behind them.

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