Jealousy Quotes

So jealous of the way you look at her.

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My personality made me easy to get along with—unless you were looking at my guy like he was a big, juicy slab of prime rib with a side of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Toxic by Jus Accardo

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I’m jealous of every girl that’s hugged you because, for that moment, she held my entire world.

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I want you to put out your hand and grab for mine while all of your friends are watching and say, “Come on, baby. Let’s make them jealous.”

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I sometimes feel a little jealous, imagining someone could please you more than me. I guess it’s just my insecurity acting up a bit because I know I’m not the most beautiful, most fun, or even the most exciting person you’ll ever meet but I do know that no matter how hard and long you search you’ll never find a girl who loves you and truly cares about you the way I do.

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I know it’s wrong for me to say or even think this way, but I don’t wanna see you with anybody else but me.

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I envy a girl that I don’t even know. I envy her ‘cause she has you.

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I can’t help the fact that I may get too jealous too often but it’s only because I love you and I want you all to myself.

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He has the right to look at anyone but why is it that I get jealous? It’s not like we’re together. Maybe it’s because I wish we were.

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