Liar Quotes

You’re the worst actor that I’ve ever seen but if this script called for liars you would play the lead.

Judas Kiss by The Academy Is

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Your tired words are all the same. I’d surely walk away if I wasn’t such a sucker for you.

Sucker by John Mayer Lyric

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Hey there, babe. I don’t mean to cut you off but I’ve heard enough lies and you’re just dying to be caught.

Surprise Surprise by The Starting Line Lyric

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Counting down on the hours I’ve spent here drowning in your lies, dear. I wish that I could have been warned.

The Alamo is No Place for Dancing by The Scene Aesthetic Lyric

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But you swore you loved me more.

There Is by Box Car Racer Lyric

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Clean up your act. Your story’s getting dusty. Wash your mouth. Your lies are getting rusty.

Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter by Nikka Costa Lyric

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Only little boys who call themselves men say, “I love you” and don’t mean it.

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I hate you for every lie, for every tear you made me cry, for every time you were untrue, for every time you said we’re through, for every time you didn’t try… so why can’t I say goodbye?

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Don’t make me promises, baby. You never did know how to keep them well.

All or Nothing by O-Town Lyric

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She’s lying in bed at three in the morning, wondering why she believed him for so long. Tears run down her face as she picks up the phone and dials the number she knows by heart, making sure to restrict it. Just the thought of him not picking up because he sees her name killers her. When he answers she finally says everything she needed to get off her chest for the longest time. Too bad she purposely put it on mute.

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It seems like the ones that are hot, nice, sweet, and everything you want in a guy turn out to be the ones that lie, just so you think they are perfect for you.

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I remember the first day I met you and the day we said goodbye. I think of all the sweet things you told me, a lullaby of lies.

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You can’t lie to your heart no matter how hard you try so let me get you drunk so I can hear you say that you love me one more time.

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A part of me still believes when you say you’re gonna stick around.

Out From Under by Britney Spears Lyric

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Every time we kiss I can taste the lies on your lips.

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