First Love Quotes

One’s first love is always perfect until one meets one’s second love.

The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy by Elizabeth Aston

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Do you know what makes the first love different? It’s the only history in one’s life that never repeats itself.

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Could it be that first love was the only true love? And that after those first fires had been doused or burned out, men and women chose whom they would love based on worldly needs, and then reenacted the rituals and feelings of that first pure experience?

The Coming and Going of Strangers by Simon Van Booy

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You can only give your heart away once. After that, everything else will chase your first love.

The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher

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Your first love. You know who I’m talking about because I bet you read the words ‘first love’ and that one boy came into your mind. There’s nothing like the first boy you were so afraid to lose, the boy that changed you, changed your expectations, change the way you looked at yourself and the world, the one that you will compare all other guys to because you know he’s the one that set the standards for love.

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You were unmistakably my first love, and I will never forget that. Even though we both have grown apart, both changed, a piece of you always remains with me. You will always be a part of me because you unknowingly showed me what I deserve, and every guy I’m with for the rest of my life will be compared to you.

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You gave me the best gift anyone ever could. You took me through one of the biggest life experiences. You and I made countless memories that I will cherish forever and you completely helped me find myself and although the pain ran deeper than nearly anything else I would never have wanted to share my first love with anyone else.

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When you grow up, get married, and have kids, when your daughter sits you down to talk and when she asks you who your first true love was, I hope you say my name.

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When I’m older and my little girl asks me who my first love was, I don’t wanna have to pull out the old photo album. I want to be able to point across the room and say he’s sitting right over there.

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They say you never forget your first love. Well, maybe that’s because you never stop loving him.

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There’s always gonna be those two people in your life that you’ll never forget: your first love and the first to break your heart. I’ll remember you as both.

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The magic of our first love is our ignorance that it will never end.

Benjamin Disraeli

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The first time you fall in love, it changes your life forever, and no matter how hard you try, the feelings never go away.

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No matter what happens the first person you love is the person you will always love. No matter what else comes along, he’ll always be on your mind and in your heart. And just when you think you’re over him, you see his face and the feelings are back again.

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Love… it’s kinda hard to define when you’re in it for the first time.

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